We're a digital agency in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Asia. We help traditional agencies manage digital.

Principal Matt Gillman founded 24 Digital in 1999 and operated it for 15 years before selling in 2015. While at 24 Matt worked on projects for brands such as Callaway Golf, Stussy, Russell Athletic, BMW, National Australia Bank (NAB) and many more.

Matt has worked through all disciplines in the business and is obsessive about systems and processes and constantly working to improve workflow and efficiencies in the business.

After a stint creating a Men’s Skincare range Handsome and a visual bug tracker side project Matt is focused on GRZZ. and the potential of a new way of working on a global level.

With a design and development team in South East Asia and a presence in Melbourne, Sydney and New York, Matt has created an agency that can work quickly, efficiently, cost effective and operates 24 hours a day.

Contact Matt on +61 3 9005 5680 or matt@grzz.com.au